Paveman Coatings Company Values

Paveman Coatings Company Values

Paveman Coatings operates under a 5 value system. The 5 values are as follows:

  1. It’s all about our clients!
  2. We have a heart for service!
  3. We have a family dynamic within our company!
  4. There is passion & pride in all of the work we do!
  5. Every customer feels that WOW factor!

Allow us to dive a little deeper into who we are as Paveman Coatings.

It’s all about our clients!

And of course it is. We would be no one without the support of our clients. Our loyal and supportive followers on social media, those that take the time to fill out a Google Review, our friends and family that love what we do, and all the wonderful people we haven’t even met yet keep us in business and keep us motivated. Paveman just wants to say thanks to all those we have had the privilege to work with in the past and will have the privilege of working with in the future!

We have a heart for service!

How could we not? Most construction-type of industries are service based. However, we are a pretty niche service within the industry. This requires us to not just be knowledgeable, but vigilant in our communication with clients and our supporters. We take great pride in the work we do, and we want our clients to be more than satisfied with the product from start to finish. The start being our first interaction, and the end being post-install. There are few things we enjoy more than getting to know the members of our community through our work!

We have a family dynamic within our company!

Now this could be confusing if you come from a more dysfunctional family. However, our pillars of family within Paveman Coatings are based on trust, honesty, communication, and teamwork. We simply wouldn’t get anywhere otherwise. “One of my favorite things about working for Paveman Coatings is knowing that my team has my back every day of the week. Sure business isn’t always roses and sunshine, but the people make it worth every moment” (Alexa Hepner- Marketing Coordinator). “We get to work with some amazing customers, I enjoy the atmosphere we have here in the office, and I have great coworkers” (Anne Middleton- General Manager).

We are passionate and proud of the work we do!

Our team is small but mighty and we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our product but the quality of our team. We love getting to work in the decorative concrete industry. Whether it is a unique custom project, or repairing and coating a garage floor, we want to do it the right way every time. Our lead installer, our fearless leader, Mr. Justin Cady, is an expert in this field and he takes great care in doing things the right way not necessarily the fast way. You won’t catch our team cutting corners. Paveman supports our clients and guides them through the entire process. Our team is happy to answer questions, offer options, and even opinions when asked. When looking for a high-end product, supported by a caring group of people, who want to help our clients achieve their dream flooring, than Paveman Coatingfs is definitely the right company to choose!

Every customer feels that WOW factor!

The “WOW” factor we’re talking about here, doesn’t start after the install is done. It starts in our first contact. We strive to improve our customer experience every day through our customer service and client interactions. Through the guiding process of choosing the right finish for the floor, through some of the stressful parts of an install like clearing the space, and even beyond the completion of a project. At Paveman Coatings our clients are amazing people, not numbers, or cool before and after photos. Our clients are real people who deserve that real feeling of joy upon seeing their project through to the end. If there isn’t that WOW feeling, we want to talk, we want to know where things went off the rails and how we can improve! Constant, consistent improvement is the only way forward.

If you or someone you know is looking to have their floors redone, touched up, if the floor needs repairs, if an upgrade is needed, then look no further than Paveman Coatings. Remember, do you want it done right or do you want it done?


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