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The pricing listed below is a general estimate based on square footage alone and can vary depending on the materials required for your unique project. We are happy to provide exceptional service for smaller projects as well. For the most accurate pricing and best possible value, please contact one of our friendly representatives today!

Poly flake flooring

Paveman Coatings - Residential and Commercial Floor Coating Options



  • Complete floor preparation. (Shot blasting and/or grinding)
  • Testing and monitoring of floor conditions before during and after installation.
  • Polyurea base coating.
  • Polyaspartic top coating.

Starting at:

  • 1 Car (500 sqft. or less) $5,000-
  • 2 Car (501-700 sqft.) $5,500-$6500 
  • 3 Car(700-900 sqft.) $6500-$8000
  • 4 Car (900-1,100 sqft.) $8,000-$10,000
  • 5+ Car (1,100-1500+ sqft.) $13,000+
Paveman Coatings - Residential and Commercial Floor Coating Options


(Most popular)

Includes all silver services and:

  • Upgrade to proprietary flexible urethane base.
    • UV stable (won’t fade)
    • Flexible (600% Elongation)
    • Higher moisture resistance (10-15 psi moisture resistance)
    • Improved impact resistance

Starting at 

  • 1 Car (500 sqft. or less) $5,000-
  • 2 Car (501-700 sqft.) $5500-$7,500 
  • 3 Car (700-900 sqft.) $7,500-$9000 
  • 4 Car (900-1,100 sqft.) $9000-$11,000
  • 5+ Car (1,100-1500+ sqft.) $15,000+
Paveman Coatings - Residential and Commercial Floor Coating Options


(All in one package)

Includes all Gold services and:

  • Vapor Barrier with up to 25psi resistance.
  • Filling in joints in the garage floor and along side walls.
  • Caulking joints between the garage and driveway.
  • Coating curbing up to 6″ High.
  • Includes Stone Series & custom Poly Flake colors and sizes.
  • Additional urethane or ceramic top coating.

Starting at

  • 1 Car (500 sqft. or less) $10,500-
  • 2 Car (501-700 sqft.) $10,500-$14,000 
  • 3 Car (700-900 sqft.) $14,000-$18,000 
  • 4 Car (900-1100 sqft.) $18,000-$20,500
  • 5+ Car (1200+ sqft.) $21,000+

*Optional Items for All Packages (Specifically Gold and Silver)

  • Vapor Barrier – $3-$4/Square Foot/sq ft.


  • Curbing Coating/Verticals – ($400 minimum = 25 Linear Foot/ln ft.)
    • 0-4in $10-12/ln ft. – $11-10/ln ft.
    • 4-8in $12-$18/ln ft. – $14-15.50/ln ft.
    • 8-12in $16-23/ln ft.
    • 12in + $21-24+/ln ft.


  • Filling Control Joints
    •  $11-$14/ln ft. ($350 Min = 10 ln ft.)


  • Addition top coats 
    • $2-2.5/sq ft. ($500 min = 250  sq ft.)


  • Stone Series Flake/Custom Color
    •  (Add  $0.40/sq ft.)


I had paveman pour a 11x17 concrete pad for a shed. They were fast showed up on time and communicated very well. This was a big plus since I was out of town during the pour. Once the shed had arrived and placed I called paveman back to level the shed and to apply there coatings on the shed floor. The crew for the floor job was fantastic, friendly and easy to work with. The attention to detail the company gave was no joke behond 5 stars. I am very happy with the job this company performed.
Georgianna Schultz
Georgianna Schultz
I really have loved working with this team! The are pleasant, professional and do an amazing job!!
D Horn
D Horn
Excellent work. End result is very nice, and the crew were great to work with. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a great concrete coating.
Jen Mann
Jen Mann
Great experience! Justin and his crew really value their work and come back to make sure you are satisfied with your project. Highly recommend Paveman!
Garrett Clause
Garrett Clause
Exceptional communication and professionalism. We are very pleased and impressed with Paveman Coatings. Every interaction has been professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. The finished product is exactly what we were hoping for and looks great. We were referred by a family member who had a great experience, and we will be recommending Paveman Coatings to friends and family as well. Thank you!
nadir amra
nadir amra
Great work resurfacing and coating our patio. Very meticulous, detail oriented, clean and professional crew. Thanks Justin and Ashton on a job well done.
Ann Jones
Ann Jones
Very responsive by phone, texting, and email
Kristine Welper
Kristine Welper
We had a grind and seal done on our indoor basement floor. The team was kind and professional, there was no dust/clean up after and the finished produce turned out great! Justin came to check on the project after completion and fix any imperfections himself. Highly recommend!