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Please see information below for ball-park pricing for your flooring project!

Poly flake flooring



Starting at 

  • 1 car (400sqft or less) $3,500-lh
  • 2 car (501-700sqft) $-4500-6500 
  • 3 Car(700-900sq ft) $6500-8000
  • 4 car (900-1,100sqft) $8,000-10,000
  • 5+ Car (1,100- 1500+sqft) $10,000- $13,000+


  • Onsite design and inspection consultation
  • Complete floor prep ( Shot Blasting and/ or Diamond grinding)
  • Testing and monitoring of floor conditions ( Before during and after install) 
  • Polyurea base coat
  • Poly aspartic top coat ( Includes Optional Traction additives.

*  Excludes necessary repair work  

Average 1-2 day install



( Most popular)

Starting at 

  • 1 car (400sqft or less) $4500-
  • 2 car (501-700sqft) $5500- $7,500 
  • 3 Car(700-900sq ft) $7,500 – $9000 
  • 4 car (900-1,100sqft) $9000 – $11,000
  • 5+ Car (1,100- 1500+sqft) $11,000 + $15,000+

*Includes everything from the silver package

  • Upgrade to Proprietary Flexible Urethane base 
  •  Perfect for outdoor / direct sunlight areas
  •  Areas where high moisture or rust stains from your concrete are a concern
  • Substrates that move or flex ( Prestressed floors, exterior patios, wood or trailer floors)
  • UV Stable
  • Flexible (600% Elongation)
  • Higher Moisture resistance ( 10-15 psi Moisture resistance)
  • Improved impact resistance

Average 2 day install

Platinum 2


( All in one package)

Starting at

  • 1 car (500sqft or less) $10,500 VS. 11,700 ( Savings of $1,200)
  • 2 car (501-700sqft) $10,500-$14,000 
  • 3 Car(700-900sq ft) $14,000-$18,000 
  • 4 car (900-1100sqft) $18,000- $20,500
  • 5+ Car 1200+sqft) $21,000+

*Includes everything in the Gold Package Plus

Perfect for those who want it all and are looking to save some $$$ or are needing that extra durability! ( Average savings up to 10%)

  • Vapor Barrier up to 25psi resistance ( Flexible membrane)
  • Filling in joints in the garage floor and along side walls
  • caulking joints between the garage and driveway (up to 1in wide gap)
  • Coating curbing ( Up to 6in High)
  • Includes Stone series & custom Flake colors and Sizes
  • Addition Urethane or Ceramic Top Coat ( Ideal for that work space )
    • Improved Abrasion resistance
    • Improved traction ( Optional)
    • Increased Chemical resistance
    • Added UV Protection

*Available in Gloss, Semi-gloss, or Matte

have questions?

*Optional Items for All Packages ( Specifically Gold and Silver)

  • Vapor Barrier- $3-$4/sqft
  • Curbing Coating / Verticals ($400Min = 25LnFt)
    • 0-4in $10-12/lnft $11-10/LnFt
    • 4-8in $12-$18 / lnft $14-15.50 / Ln Ft
    • 8-12in $16-23/ln ft
    • 12in + $21-24+
  • Filling Control Joints
    •  $11- $14/SqFt ($350 Min = 10LnFt )
  • Addition top coats 
    • $2-2.5/ Sqftft ( $500 min = 250 SqFt)
  • Stone Series Flake/ Custom Color
    •  (Add  $0.40 / Sqft)
  • Caulking and gap sealing gap between driveway and garage floor


Rick Mummert
Rick Mummert
We were very impressed with the communication we received prior to and during the pool surround epoxy finish project. I would highly recommend Paveman Designs to anyone considering any of the projects they perform.
Heather Hagge
Heather Hagge
Justin and Anne were a great pleasure to work with! We had a smaller repair project that needed some trial and error testing and they were more than willing and able to offer their assistance when no one else would. They were very pleasant, prompt and very helpful! A real class act. We will definitely call them in the future!
Marianne Shumaker
Marianne Shumaker
I had our sidewalks seal coated. Paveman was so easy to work with and Fabian was terrific. The sidewalks look great!
Debra Schumann
Debra Schumann
We have used this company twice and will be using in the future for a third job.
Andrea Jensen
Andrea Jensen
Paveman finished my basement floor with poly flake and vapor barrier in spring 2021. A year later they still look brand new and we’ve had no water issues. The service was great, the company was easy to work with, and the installers were courteous and professional. I would recommend them to others.
Maryjo Davis
Maryjo Davis
I really enjoyed the experience i had with paveman designs, they made sure that i was going to be happy with my floor and did everything to make sure that happened,
Bobbi Pritt
Bobbi Pritt
The work by Paveman Designs was simply amazing! It turned our working basement into a beautiful functional space, and the wood grain pattern in our garage looks AMAZING. Would highly recommend!
William Edwards
William Edwards
In Dec 2020, I met with a Paveman representative to provide flooring for my new 3-season sunporch. He was very friendly and helpful with choosing the floor pattern and colors to match the inside furnishings and the outside patio. Within two weeks they arrived and applied the new floor. The next day, they tweaked one spot that they weren’t satisfied with. I love the results — exactly what I had wanted and envisioned. Now, more than a year later, the floor is still beautiful, intact, smooth and looks brand new. I would definitely use Paveman Designs LLC again, without any hesitation — they can be trusted to do a thorough and superior job.

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