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Poly Flake Floors

Perfect for any garage, patio, or basement floor, Poly Flake floors create a clean beautiful look to all of your high traffic areas. These floors are made using a custom blend of vinyl flake that will give your floor the look of granite or terrazzo. With most floors installed in as little as 24 hours, you can be back to using your space in no time.

Fluid applied flooring solutions offer the advantage of being almost seamless, which eliminates the majority of cracks and creases where dust, mildew and bacteria tend to collect and thrive. Because of the monolithic surface of resinous flooring, it is simple to clean with a hose if necessary and is also robust enough to survive the application of many harsh chemical and cleaners.


Features are functional and fully customizable

Decorative flake systems may be tailored to better meet the functional demands of a specific location, with applications in a variety of sectors. Such as the flexibility to pick from a variety of textures to assist prevent slip and fall accidents, or ornamental systems that can survive extreme temperature fluctuations while also inhibiting microbe development and a variety of other unique formulas.

Cleaning is very easy

Fluid applied flooring solutions offer the advantage of being almost seamless, which eliminates the majority of cracks and creases where dust, mildew and bacteria tend to collect and thrive. Because of the monolithic surface of resinous flooring, it is simple to clean with a hose if necessary and is also robust enough to survive the application of many harsh chemical cleaners.

Proven to be durable and strong

Floor coatings provide a strong barrier over the concrete substrate they are applied to, resulting in increased scratch resistance, improved load bearing capabilities and ultimately a longer concrete floor lifespan.


Epoxy Flake

Exactly as it sounds! We use an industrial 100% solids epoxy base for your primer and binder.


  • Can do a high build for added protection,
  • Great chip hold and look, can be more cost effective on larger projects( 2000sqft +),
  • Hard surface for impact resistance.


  • not UV Stable
  • Continues to harden over time
  • not as flexible
  • Longer curing time

Poly Flake

This system uses a Polyurea base coat as your primer and binder for your decorative flake.


  • Flexible
  • Fast dry time
  • Chemical bond with concrete


  • Limited to interior or medium UV exposure areas ( Base will fade or amber overtime)
  • Not stable for high build systems
  • Low-mid moisture resistance ( 8-10 psi)


Flex flake system

Uses the latest technology flexible urethane base layer.


  • Can be used for high build system
  • High Flexibility, can be used as a water membrane
  • UV stable base means no fading or changing color, With a primer it has Great moisture resistance ( up to 25 psi with prime coat), Adjustable cure rates.


  • Slower cure rate ( adds 1/2 to 1 day for install)
  • High solvent( Not suitable for some indoor projects due to smell or VOCs)

POLY FLAKE Color Options

Featured here are our 15 standard color options. Custom colors can be created if these aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

The samples are our standard flake size of 1/4 but other flake sizes are also offered at 1/8.

STONE SERIES Color Options

The stone series provides the texture and appearance of natural stones under your feet. This product line is just as durable and water resistant as our Poly Flake option, but provides a more natural look.


On average most floors are installed within 24 hours ( 1.5 days) . Some factors that may change how long an install would take would be: Flooring condition ( repairs, concrete hardness) , Type of coating system chosen, weather and temperature, and access to the project.

Keeping in mind that each customer’s needs and uses for their floor may be different; however we believe in building your floor to outlast traditional flooring and coating systems. With proper regular maintenance you should expect your floor to last up to 15+ years with regular daily use. It is recommended that you do inspect your floor 2x a year and have your floor professionally inspected every 5 years by your coatings professional to make sure that the floor is performing up to the standards of its intended use.

Great question! Most coating systems will be ready for you to move in ( Including vehicles) within 48 hours and will fully cure out within 7 days from final coat. Most coating systems will reach an 80-95% cure after 48 hours and full cure after 30 days. In the case of a traditional Epoxy system they will continue to cure/ harden over the lifetime of the floor. Make sure to check with your coatings professional on their recommendations for your individual system.
Most spaces are ready within 48 hours! Including your vehicles! There are some factors that may change how soon you could move in. These would again include Type of coating system chosen, weather and temperature, or the size and scope of your project.
Yes! Over time you may find that your floor is starting to loose its sheen or you may find you want to change the color. For most floors this is as simple as having your professional Clean, prep, and apply another clear coat.

Not UV stable ( Not recommended for high UV exposure areas or Exterior), Continues to cure and harden over its lifetime meaning it gets less flexible and is more susceptible to cracking.  ( Properly installed 10-15+ years).  longer return to service. 

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Rick Mummert
Rick Mummert
We were very impressed with the communication we received prior to and during the pool surround epoxy finish project. I would highly recommend Paveman Designs to anyone considering any of the projects they perform.
Heather Hagge
Heather Hagge
Justin and Anne were a great pleasure to work with! We had a smaller repair project that needed some trial and error testing and they were more than willing and able to offer their assistance when no one else would. They were very pleasant, prompt and very helpful! A real class act. We will definitely call them in the future!
Marianne Shumaker
Marianne Shumaker
I had our sidewalks seal coated. Paveman was so easy to work with and Fabian was terrific. The sidewalks look great!
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell
Debra Schumann
Debra Schumann
We have used this company twice and will be using in the future for a third job.
Andrea Jensen
Andrea Jensen
Paveman finished my basement floor with poly flake and vapor barrier in spring 2021. A year later they still look brand new and we’ve had no water issues. The service was great, the company was easy to work with, and the installers were courteous and professional. I would recommend them to others.
Maryjo Davis
Maryjo Davis
I really enjoyed the experience i had with paveman designs, they made sure that i was going to be happy with my floor and did everything to make sure that happened,
Bobbi Pritt
Bobbi Pritt
The work by Paveman Designs was simply amazing! It turned our working basement into a beautiful functional space, and the wood grain pattern in our garage looks AMAZING. Would highly recommend!
Mike Lemberg
Mike Lemberg
William Edwards
William Edwards
In Dec 2020, I met with a Paveman representative to provide flooring for my new 3-season sunporch. He was very friendly and helpful with choosing the floor pattern and colors to match the inside furnishings and the outside patio. Within two weeks they arrived and applied the new floor. The next day, they tweaked one spot that they weren’t satisfied with. I love the results — exactly what I had wanted and envisioned. Now, more than a year later, the floor is still beautiful, intact, smooth and looks brand new. I would definitely use Paveman Designs LLC again, without any hesitation — they can be trusted to do a thorough and superior job.

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