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Paveman Coatings - Residential and Commercial Floor Coating Options

To Keep Your Floor Looking Like New:

  • Clean your floor on a regular basis.
  • Use felt pads on the bottom of chairs, furniture, or appliances to prevent scratches.
  • For office chairs, use rubber wheels, a chair mat or a rug under the chair. 


There’s a lot of things that you can do to protect your floor and keep it looking brand new! Check out our blog cleaning and maintenance tips for all the info you need!

For a Poly Flake floor we can install in as little as 24 hours! Our Radiant Marble floors take 3-5 days to complete depending on how large the area is and what kind of repair work is needed. Our Rustic Wood floors are definitely the longest installs! These installs can be 5 to 8 days of work due to dry times between products and the amount of detail requested for the floor.

After your install you can walk on your floor as soon as 24 hours later and drive on it 48 hours later. You should always verify with your installer on when exactly you can start moving things in and walking on it because weather may affect the dry time.

When we enter a home or place of business we want to disrupt your space as little as possible so we attempt to keep it as clean as possible. Our installers are trained to tape off vents, ducts, doorways and anything else that may lead out of the room into other areas of the building. After we are done installing we vacuum up the stray dust and dirt left from the install. The install process does involve grinding concrete, so there will be dust. Our crews take extra time and steps before grinding to contain as much dust as we possibly can.

We have a couple of options available to you! We offer a storage trailer rental that will be dropped off and picked up from your home so that you have an easy place to store all your things. Another option is to use Two Men and A Truck! We coordinate with them to come in and move all your belongings to one of their storage areas for the length of your install. Once the install is complete and we give them the go ahead they load up your things from storage and move it all back into your home. This is a great option for people that don’t want to go through the work of moving or are worried they may hurt themselves. Two Men and A Truck have skilled employees trained to move heavy objects quickly and efficiently.

Concrete coatings are perfect for infloor heat homes, especially in a slab on grade home. Our coatings come out to be about an ⅛” thick which allows the heat to easily transfer through the slab and coating and on to your floor. This doesn’t wreck the coating and is a great solution to have a finished concrete look.

We can install coatings in a variety of areas; it’s truly limitless! Common places are: 

  • Patios 
  • Garages
  • Basements 
  • Living Rooms 
  • Kitchens 
  • Office Spaces 
  • Entry Ways 
  • Front Porches 
  • Front Walkways 
  • And more! 

We can install year round! We have products designed to handle a range of temperatures so we can get your floor installed when it’s needed. Outdoor areas are typically installed between the months of April to September.

We absolutely can install over your subflooring! When installing floors in an upper level setting we require two layers of subflooring and treat the seams in the plywood like cracks and fill them with a flexible repair material and fiber tape to bridge the joint. Then we install the coating like normal.

We have a variety of custom options and if there are colors you have in mind we’ll make it happen! Just mention you have specific colors in mind at your estimate and your salesperson will cover the details with you.

We do a variety of custom work and are always looking to try something new. We can do wall paneling, fire places, countertops, and unique designs. Just give us a call to discuss your project and we’ll see what we can do to help!


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