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Considering your family’s health compatibility is very important and not often thought about when choosing a flooring option. If you have family members with allergies or asthma, you need to think about how your choice will impact them. Choosing and allergy friendly floor should be your top priority if you have asthma sufferers at home. 

We understand, it seems like there are endless choices when it comes to flooring.  

Listed below are the types of flooring triggers that cause allergies or asthma and the best type of flooring for your sweet home: w

  • Dust mites – common in all homes, dust mites are one of the leading sources of allergens in households. The dust mite itself does not cause an allergic reaction, but rather their droppings when in the air, can cause discomfort. They are usually found in carpets.
  • Mold/bacteria – these organisms usually form in damp areas around the house, such as bathrooms, refrigerators, and rooms with little air circulation, and are the main causes of asthma. Mold can grow on damp carpets and damp wood floors.
  • Pet fur/dander – spreads like wildfire on anything and everything in the home. Any type of flooring, especially carpet, will collect pet allergens and should be vacuumed regularly.
  • Dust/Pollen – It can be one of the most potent allergen triggers in your home if it is airborne. It doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have; dust and pollen can build up and cause quite a commotion if not maintained. Easy-to-maintain flooring solutions that we offer in Minnesota Concrete Flooring are a great way to say goodbye to dust and pollen. 

Did you know that epoxy flooring is the ideal flooring solution for people with allergies and asthma. Epoxy floors that we offer in and near Rochester, MN have become the new trend that is taking over industrial and residential environments. Below are some highlights that prove this is the best choice. 

It prevents allergens and dust mites.

Carpeted flooring requires regular vacuuming, as everyone knows. The carpets fibers serve as a breeding ground for dust mites and pet dander, which cause allergic reactions in many people. It is especially problematic for people with respiratory issues and hypersensitive immune systems. Because children have a more sensitive immune system, they are at risk of developing allergies.

You can eliminate these risks by choosing Epoxy floors. Epoxy-coated floors and rustic wood floors provide a smooth, seamless surface free of allergens. As a result, allergens are significantly reduced throughout the whole household.


It prevents the growth of mildew and mold.

Mildew and mold can cause health problems and ruin your belongings. Black mold is particularly toxic. Nasal and sinus congestion, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and irritation of the throat can occur due to its spores. Additionally, its staining can be difficult to remove from fabrics.


In addition to the concrete polishing, epoxy flooring can also be applied to concrete surfaces. Neither of these concrete flooring applications is susceptible to stains, liquid spills, or drippings. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing on the floor. To avoid mold and mildew in the household, all you need to do is wipe up spills and drips.

It has unique thermal properties

A common asthma trigger is cold air and cold environments. Concrete flooring is commonly misunderstood as icy cold when it can store and release heat due to its thermal mass. It is ideal for combating environmental triggers by installing Epoxy floors that store heat and regulate indoor temperature.


It’s super easy to clean

Epoxy floors are very easy to clean! A microfiber cloth is all you need to clean them since they are stain-resistant. Mopping once a week and spending extra money on stain remover products are now a thing of the past. These are the perfect solution for a growing family or even a family on a budget.

There is no need to clean the floors with harsh chemicals, so people with asthma do not have to worry about these chemicals triggering an attack. Since the floors are simple and easy to clean, dirt and grime won’t build up and trigger an attack.


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I had paveman pour a 11x17 concrete pad for a shed. They were fast showed up on time and communicated very well. This was a big plus since I was out of town during the pour. Once the shed had arrived and placed I called paveman back to level the shed and to apply there coatings on the shed floor. The crew for the floor job was fantastic, friendly and easy to work with. The attention to detail the company gave was no joke behond 5 stars. I am very happy with the job this company performed.
Georgianna Schultz
Georgianna Schultz
I really have loved working with this team! The are pleasant, professional and do an amazing job!!
D Horn
D Horn
Excellent work. End result is very nice, and the crew were great to work with. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a great concrete coating.
Jen Mann
Jen Mann
Great experience! Justin and his crew really value their work and come back to make sure you are satisfied with your project. Highly recommend Paveman!
Garrett Clause
Garrett Clause
Exceptional communication and professionalism. We are very pleased and impressed with Paveman Coatings. Every interaction has been professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. The finished product is exactly what we were hoping for and looks great. We were referred by a family member who had a great experience, and we will be recommending Paveman Coatings to friends and family as well. Thank you!
nadir amra
nadir amra
Great work resurfacing and coating our patio. Very meticulous, detail oriented, clean and professional crew. Thanks Justin and Ashton on a job well done.
Ann Jones
Ann Jones
Very responsive by phone, texting, and email
Kristine Welper
Kristine Welper
We had a grind and seal done on our indoor basement floor. The team was kind and professional, there was no dust/clean up after and the finished produce turned out great! Justin came to check on the project after completion and fix any imperfections himself. Highly recommend!


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