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Personal protection equipment, or “PPE” is required for much of the work done when finishing or repairing a concrete floor.  Many of the tasks involved in repair and preparation for floor coating involve processes that can generate dangerous silica dust or harmful chemical vapors.  These hazards are in addition to the traditional dangers of a construction site, such as falling objects, or projectiles from power tools.  

Silica dust, made up of super fine particles of stone, is fine enough to remain airborne for extended periods of time. Long term exposure and inhalation of these dust particles can result in significant respiratory damage that is often permanent.  There are many methods of suppressing silica dust including water based mitigation and air exchangers.  We at Paveman Coatings use vacuums and air exchangers to quickly remove the silica dust particles from our workspace without introducing additional moisture to the concrete being worked on.  We also install plastic barriers to seal off the workspace from the remaining areas of the home to ensure total containment of the dust.  

Though many believe air exchangers alone to be sufficient for dust mitigation, we also use respirators while we work for added protection.  This protection goes beyond the silica dust safety standards, but also extends to chemical vapors.  The coatings we apply often generate odorous vapors as they cure and harden.  In small amounts, the vapors are generally not harmful, but can be with extended exposure.  We also get the added benefit of not having to deal with the smell.  The filters are very good for that.

Our equipment generates a significant amount of noise when grinding concrete.  To protect ourselves from tinnitus and possible hearing loss, we use both soft foam ear plugs and high performance ear muffs while we work.  Paired with our usual safety glasses, our installers start to look a bit like something out of a sci-fi movie.  It’s okay to be jealous, there is truly nothing more stylish than safety.  


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