Flooring Color Trends in 2023

A poly flake basement floor.

It’s been an exciting year for home improvements.  Homeowners are more aware than ever of the need to maximize space and create a comfortable atmosphere for the family.  Last year, interior designers were pushing cooler colors like nautical blues and rich greens, but this year, it’s all about earthy warm tones.  Sherwin Williams selected Redend Point (SW 9081) as their color of the year, which is a warm and comforting hue; while Benjamin Moore offered up Raspberry Blush (BM 2008-30), an excitingly vibrant yet subtly reserved shade of coral pink as their selection.  Dashes of red and beige are choice accents for livening up interiors, and the floor is no exception.   


Matching the warmer tonal shift of the walls, we are seeing flooring take a turn toward earthy colors as well.  Many homes are moving away from wall to wall carpet and opting for hardwood, tile, vinyl coverings, and concrete floors as hygiene and durability become growing concerns.  It’s no secret that hard flooring options are easier to maintain than carpet, and with a permanent solution in place, updating your aesthetic can be as simple as swapping rugs.  Wood can be a challenge to maintain, tile has lots of porous grout that easily captures grime, and vinyl flooring can wear very quickly.  What if you could get the benefits of all three AND have the freedom to choose the perfect colors and finish for your home?  You can, with Paveman Coatings’ unique polyurea flake flooring systems.  



Accenting your space with a touch of red earth and warm wood tones, our poly flake Signature Blend “Hickory” is sure to draw attention.  But, if you’re looking for something a little more understated, our Signature Blend “Creekbed” trades reddish hues for a flatter, more natural aesthetic.  The beauty of poly flake flooring is that you can create a blend of colors perfectly tailored to your space.  This year’s trendy colors aren’t your style?  Why not match your favorite sports team’s jersey colors for the perfect man cave?  Our Marble Series flakes are another popular choice, they look like organic stone chips, giving your floor a more natural and understated finish.  Whatever your personal style is, Paveman Coatings will have the perfect flake blend for you!

Signature Blend "Hickory"
Signature Blend "Creekbed"


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