What is the Best Flooring for Your Lifestyle?

A kitchen with a concrete floor finished in a Rustic Wood style by Paveman Coatings.

Do you work from home?  Do you have pets or allergies?  What is going to be the best flooring option for your lifestyle?  For some people comfort is king, while for others low maintenance is the goal.  If comfort and coziness are your guiding principles, carpeted floors are your best choice.  There is no denying that cushy carpeted floors are a delight underfoot, but small spills can become bothersome stains quickly, and professional cleaning is expensive.  Carpeted floors are a luxury best reserved for low traffic or light use rooms if you wish to get the most out of your flooring investment.  

Hardwood flooring definitely makes a statement, and can add a touch of sophistication to just about any room.  With most hardwood flooring options, you get the advantage of a sealed and dust free surface perfect for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies.  Wood flooring requires a fair amount of effort to maintain, and can be damaged very easily.  Because of this, there are many faux wood flooring options available.  Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a very popular alternative to traditional hardwood flooring.  It offers all of the benefits of traditional vinyl linoleum while providing the visual appeal of wood.  The downside is that luxury vinyl plank flooring can separate and peel under regular use.

Stone tile and terrazzo are very attractive options for low maintenance flooring, but they come at a cost.  It can be difficult and expensive to find anyone who will install terrazzo in a residential setting.  Stone tile looks great, and can last for many years under heavy use, but the grout between tiles can be difficult to thoroughly clean.  Oftentimes those gaps in the tile will collect grime and become discolored.  Though the most durable options on the list, terrazzo and stone tile both also carry hefty drawbacks.  

Concrete is a great flooring option, but can look dull and is easily damaged or stained if left bare.  Epoxy and flake coating systems are a great way to protect and add color and texture to your concrete.  Non-slip top coatings with quartz additives are easy to maintain, and add extra safety to work areas.  What if poly flake isn’t your style?  You may be surprised to find out that concrete flooring can take on many looks.  Some flake systems can mimic the look of terrazzo at a fraction of the cost. 

Love the rustic aesthetic of hardwood, but don’t want the headache?  Believe it or not, concrete flooring can be sculpted to look just like hardwood.  Unlike luxury vinyl planks, your concrete floor won’t peel or wear so easily.  Stone tile doesn’t own a monopoly on marble either.  With modern epoxy and polyurea coating systems, you can get the seamless look of radiant marble flooring in your home.  You can even add metallic flakes to your marble mix to really bring out the shine!

Every flooring option has its pros and cons.  Whether you wish for the plush feel of carpet, or the durability of stone, there is a floor for you.  If you are looking for beauty and durability in one package, Paveman Coatings can help you get the most out of every square foot of your home with our selection of attractive concrete flooring options.


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