Concrete Polishing vs. Coating

Dan cleaning a commercial concrete floor before applying a sealer.

It can be easy to confuse the look of a high gloss transparent concrete coating with a polished concrete floor, but there are many differences between the two in both performance and aesthetics.

Can Road Salts Damage Concrete?

A snow plow clearing the road and spreading salt.

Salt can potentially damage concrete through a process known as salt scaling or salt spalling. This is particularly common in cold climates where de-icing salts are frequently used on roads and sidewalks to melt ice.

Flooring Color Trends in 2023

A poly flake basement floor.

It’s been an exciting year for home improvements.  Homeowners are more aware than ever of the need to maximize space and create a comfortable atmosphere for the family.  Last year, interior designers were pushing cooler colors like nautical blues and rich greens, but this year, it’s all about earthy warm tones.  Sherwin Williams selected Redend […]